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If you wish to up your game, you can participate in the various online rummy tournaments that RummyCentral has to offer. You can get to know about our daily tournaments by making an account on our website or by downloading our app and signing up there. Before moving on to how we conduct our rummy tournaments, it is important to know and understand all the rules of the game thoroughly.

Rules of Rummy Tournaments:

  • In order to register for a rummy tournament on, you have to agree on a pre-decided buy-in. There is a set time for every tournament and only people who have registered before the game starts can play. Late registrations are not welcome.
  • The prize of the tournament depends on how much all the players have bought in for collectively at the beginning of the tournament. You can read about the exact prize amount before the tournament commences.
  • The maximum number of players that can play a tournament is 6.
  • All players are given a starting chip stack to begin the game. The player who stacks the most chips by the end of the tournament, wins.
  • Once a player exits the tournament room, he/she won’t be allowed to join in again.
  • If a player skips two turns in a row, he/she will be automatically put on a sit-out mode, and until his/her chips are above the threshold limit, they will continue to stay in the sit-out mode.
  • All tournaments played are in the standard 13-card rummy format.
  • You can choose to either play RummyCentral’s freerolling tournaments or cash tournaments.
  • In a RummyCentral tournament, if a particular hand does not get over in 8 minutes, then that particular hand is terminated automatically and none of the players are allotted any points for that hand.
  • Every player gets 30 seconds to play their turn, failing which the turn is passed on to the next opponent and the game continues in that fashion.
  • If a player misses three turns in a row, he/she will be dropped automatically from the game will be allotted a middle-drop score.
  • Once a player thinks he/she has met the objective of the game, he/she can choose to declare cards within the time given.

How to play a rummy tournament:

These are standard 13-card Indian Rummy rules that all tournament players must abide by:

  • The players must arrange and rearrange the 13 cards dealt to them into sets and sequences.
  • When his/her turn comes, each player must either pick a card from the open card slot or the closed card slot and use it to make sets or sequences and discard one card, per round.
  • There need to be 2 sequences per player out of which one must be a pure sequence (without the joker, unless it is part of a run) and a sequence for which a joker can be used.
  • Please not that you can use more than one joker to complete your sets or sequences.
  • If you wish to declare and show your cards, you can move a card to the finish slot.
  • In order to declare, you must group your cards into sets and sequences and then click on the ‘Declare’ button.
  • Note that if you are playing with two decks, then two numbers of the same suit do not count as a valid set. For example - 8 ♠ 8♥ 8♥ is not considered a valid set. All cards need to be of the same rank but of different suits in order to make a set.
  • At the end of every deal, the winner will win chips from losing players depending on their score

On a RummyCentral tournament, the first player to meet all the objectives of the game (valid sets and sequences) wins. The winner gets chips from all the other players depending on his/her score.

  • The player that loses the game gets points equal to their hand score.
  • Face cards i.e. J, Q, K, and Ace are of 10 points each.
  • The numbered cards carry the same value as their rank. For example - 5 carries 5 points, 4 carries 4 points and so on.
  • Jokers are all assigned 0 points.
  • A losing player's hand is scored by adding points for cards that are not grouped as sequences or sets at the end of the game. This might not apply in the following cases:
    • When the player does not have a pure sequence
    • Only the pure sequence does not add to the score in case the losing player has not made a second sequence.
  • In a game a player gets a maximum of 80 points only. For example, if a player's score is 90 the maximum score he can get is still 80 only. In case a player does not declare cards that meet all the objectives of the game, he/she is dropped from the game with 80 points.

How to withdraw from a tournament:

  • You can only withdraw from a tournament if the registrations for said tournament are still open or if the tournament has not already started.
  • You can click on the "My Tournaments" section and then click on ‘withdraw’ to opt out of a tournament.

Extra time and what it means:

  • Extra time is a handy feature especially if you have a weak internet connection.
  • A maximum of 60 seconds of extra time is given to each player that he/she can use at any point in the game.
  • If you use your extra time, the number of seconds will automatically be deducted from the total amount of extra time allotted to you.
  • If you do not play even in the extra time allotted to you, then your extra time will keep counting down and reducing.
  • All opponents will be notified if you are using extra time.
  • If you do not play your turn within the extra time allotted, the turn will pass on to the next player.

How is a winner picked?

  • In every game, a player has to play a fixed number of rounds and whoever is ranked the best depending on their tournament chip count, moves ahead to the next round.
  • If more than one player has the same chip count, a tie-breaker will be conducted to determine a winner. There are three types of tie-breakers:
  • A tie-breaker for qualification positions and prize positions
  • A tie-breaker for different prize positions
  • A tie-breaker for prize positions and elimination positions

Winning and Declarations:

  • If the losing player has not had his first turn before the opponent has made a valid declaration, then, he/she get points equal to half their hand score. For example, if the hand score is 40 points, then he/she gets 20 points as their score.
  • The minimum points a losing player can get in this case is 2 (for scores 2, 3, 4, & 5).
  • The maximum points for a losing player in this case are 40 (for scores of 80 or more)
  • If a player misses 3 turns in a row i.e. he/she is unable to take a decision on what card to move, he/she is dropped from the game automatically. A middle drop score of 40 points is assigned to this player. If a player meets the objective of the game but does not (or forgets to) declare, he/she gets a score of 2 points.
  • In order to finish the game, the player has to discard a card on the open deck slot. A player must show the cards in hand by grouping them in sets/sequences. Once done, the player can ‘declare’.

How the drop option works:

  • A player gets a chance to drop once a game
  • You cannot avail the ‘Drop’ option if you’ve already picked a card from the open or closed decks in that particular turn.
  • If a player decides to drop during their first turn itself, he/she will be given 20 penalty points.
  • If a player decides to drop in any turn other than the first, he/she will be given 40 penalty points.
  • If a player misses three rounds of a game in a row, that player is automatically dropped and given a middle-drop score.

If you wish to register for a tournament on, you can either go directly to the ‘Tournaments’ section and register or first try your hand at any of the different rummy variants that we have on our portals. These include Points rummy, Deals rummy and Pool rummy. Apart from this you can also choose to play for free or for cash. Kindly go through all the rules thoroughly before playing a professional tournament. RummyCentral cannot be held liable for any losses that you may incur while playing.

How to Register:

  • Make sure you are registered on RummyCentral.
  • Login on our site.
  • Click 'Play Now' & enter our lobby.
  • Select Tournament tab.
  • Choose 'FREEROLL' (or) 'CASH' Tournaments
  • Click join button.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Verify e-mail & Mobile number.
  • Player must have deposited in last 7 days to be entitled to register in Freeroll Tournaments
  • Winnings from FREEROLL and LOYALTY point tournaments will be added to Deposit Account.
  • Upon making a purchase into the cash account the Promotional Winnings will become null and void as per the Withdrawal terms.
  • Winnings from FREEROLL and LOYALTY point tournaments for NON DEPOSITORS can only be used for Cash wagering and cannot be withdrawn.
  • Management reserves the right to remove or edit tournament rules at any point of time without prior notice.
  • Fraud activities are not encouraged on our site. If found withdrawals will be suspended.