RummyCentral is an online rummy gaming website which allows the users to play rummy right from the comfort of their homes. You can play either for stakes or for fun by going through a simple registration process. Once you have done that there will be nothing between you and hours and hours of fun. Though you can play different types of rummy on our website it is the Indian version of the same that is the most popular.

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Signing up for a RummyCentral membership is a really easy process. Just provide a few small details about yourself such as your email address and age to get your membership. After that you can play in the cash games by depositing money through one of the following ways:

  • NetBanking
  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card
  • Cash Card
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We at RummyCentral believe in the philosophy that the customer is the king. So, we always strive to provide the best possible service to the user and make sure there is no room for disappointment whatsoever. We provide single table rummy, multi-table rummy and also multiplayer rummy. RummyCentral also considers the security and well-being of users to be of utmost importance. Hence we have an atmosphere that promotes responsible gaming, fraud protection, and 24/7 online support to solve our customer's problems if any at a short notice.

You will never be disappointed!

RummyCentral also hosts lots of promotions, both weekly and monthly throughout the year. This we do in hope that you get a lot of extra game time and thus a lot more fun. We also conduct the occasional online rummy tournament for you to participate in and have the chance to win some lucrative prices.

Rummy is a social game, so an interactive atmosphere is essential for the experience to be complete. For that out website has the option of live-time chat with opposition players while playing the game and also a general lobby to connect with other rummy enthusiasts all over the country.

There is a general misconception and a cloud of doubt over the legality of playing rummy for stakes. Playing rummy is absolutely legal in India. The Supreme Court of India has declared rummy, not as a ‘Game of Chance’ but a ‘Game of Skill’. Playing for stakes is only banned for a ‘Game of Chance’, hence it is perfectly legal to play rummy for stakes in India.