Responsible Gaming

Being responsible is important in any task you do and when it comes to playing rummy for stakes, even more so.

Responsible Gaming

  • Rummy Central believes in being a responsible gaming service provider. Hence, there are certain rules and regulations in place as precautionary measures. They are as follows:
  • Players younger that are than 18 years of age are not allowed to play on the site.
  • A strict Anti-Fraud and Pro security policy is in place.
  • All the information provided to the website is stored using high-level encryption. Thus, all of them will remain safe and secure.
  • As per banking conditions, no more than 5 successful deposit transactions (or a maximum amount of 10,000) will be allowed in a day.
  • These are the measures taken by the website to ensure that we remain a fun and yet responsible gaming service providers.

Play Responsibly

Although the website does take many precautions, you as players need to embrace the idea of responsible gaming. Rummy is a great game no doubt. It is fun, entertaining and lets you socialize with other people. And of course, you have the chance to win some money as well. But you have to remember that rummy is still just a game. You do have a life outside of it. Play rummy, but stick to the limits. Do not spend more than you can handle and back of you realize that you are on a losing spree.

The most important part of responsible gaming is the understanding that it is just a game. If you understand that there is no need for worry at all.

Your Deposit, your Responsibility!!

Users have the option of doing whatever they want to within the website using their deposit money. You can either keep on playing or choose to withdraw them. No one is forcing you to use all the money you have in your account. Be responsible about your money and know when to quit.